What a Wonderful Week!

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Clumberfest 2019 is officially over. We have just had our last time around the tables in the middle of the field having a drink,some eats a laugh and putting the world to rights. This is the 5th Clumberfest, we have had some good Clumberfests, but by my reckoning this was a GREAT Clumberfest.

We sold over 750 raffle tickets and as everything was donated, that is pure profit, put that together with the auctioned items and donations through the week we made a fantastic £1100 to use towards Clumber health!

Clumberfest doesn’t happen without a lot of work. Pam Sheppard has worked tirelessly before Clumberfest in getting donations and selling raffle tickets and also through the days here making sure things are just ticking over nicely and we have “happy campers”. Also many thanks to Lynn Peters who gave a great talk on IOHC which was received very well and opened many eyes to a new health issue appearing in Clumbers. Also to Adrian Peters who with Lynn sourced some fantastic prizes for the raffle. I am also grateful to Glenis Barlow, who so kindly donated items we have been auctioning and have had available to buy at Clumberfest and to Graham Underwood who donated a super Clumber figure that sold for £100! I mustn’t forget Paul Stockford and Julie Guest who help out in many ways through the days and wish them well for their wedding later in July. Lastly to my son William for brewing the Clumberfest Cider he produces every year that is enjoyed by many (including me) and adds to the coffers!

Finally I thank all of you who read these ramblings and support Clumberfest by coming (some of you from a long way) to Wiltshire and making it a great weekend, by supporting the events, the pub quiz, the Fun Show and readily part with your money in support of this great cause.

Two last things.

We have had many discussions over this weekend following the talk by Lynn Peters on IOHC. We have decided that the money will be spent on that topic in both raising the awareness of the problem and looking to see if it can be detected in a better was than a very expensive CT Scan examination, also how is this problem passed down the breeding lines. We’ll keep you informed of developments!

Secondly, a date for your diaries NOW.

Clumberfest 2020 will run from July 6th 2020 to July 13th 2020.

Camping from the 6th and the actual Clumberfest will be on July 11th and 12th. We are still deciding activities, but first thoughts are along the lines of “what’s involved in this showing malarkey” and “so you want to work your dog” aka “Dog training with dummies for dummies!”

Plus possibly a basic grooming demonstration and of course the obligatory walk and pub-quiz!

See you there!

If you have got this far well done and thank you.

Peter Shepppard, organiser