Clumberfest 2018

What Happened at the Wiltshire Clumberfest in 2018
I had given up the editorship of Clumber Clips by this Clumberfest, so this is what I can remember!

The (now) traditional group picture!

Remember our first Clumber on site in 2015?

She’s growed -and gained a friend “Thatch”

We had various activities planed, but HOT! HOT! HOT! So we largely stayed at the campsite and talked (with a little alcohol!) We did have a quiz on the Saturday evening when it had cooled down a bit!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Just look at that sky!
Even Hernia Henry was overheating! (These are life size stone Clumbers – available for purchase)
Keeping cool in the shade
You can take a Clumber to water, but can’t persuade it in!

Here’s looking forward to Clumberfest 2019!