The Messy but Essential Information

Waste – Recycling and Landfill

There will be bins provided for waste – please ensure you follow the signage and correctly sort your waste.

Clean Water and Waste Water

At the campsite there is a potable water supply and place to dispose of the foul waste.

Clean Water

There is a tap on the outside of the building to the right as you look at it. Please do not waste the water.

Grey Water

There is no specific place to dispose of grey water, feel free to water the grass under your outfit (if feasible) or tip it in the hedgerow.

Foul Waste

Just in front of the tap is a rectangular drain  cover. Please lift that and empty your foul waste into there, can you make sure wash it down afterwards to help avoid the drain clogging. DO NOT use the hose pipe directly from the fresh water to rinse out foul waste.