Provisional Timetable for
Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July 2022

The programme is still under development, more may be added but a rough idea at the moment is:

Saturday 25th July 2022

Clumber Rumble (1)

This is a new event for Clumberfest and it is a game of chase (owners are stationary you’d be delighted to know!)!

I will add more details later

Grooming Demonstration

What bits to trim and what to leave alone!

Fun Quiz

The quiz has become a regular feature and will take place on Saturday evening.  It’s a bit of fun with a small prize for the winning team.

Sunday 26th July 2022

Clumber Rumble (2)

If at first you don’t succeed (don’t try sky-diving!)

I will add more details later

Fun Show

Lots of fun classes you and your dog can enter – no previous experience necessary!

Raffle Draw

The Clumberfest Raffle will be run again – tickets can be purchased before Clumberfest or at Clumberfest – details of prizes will appear here later

Both Days

Sjoelen – £1 a go, highest score over the weekend wins £10. What’s Sjoelen –  Google it!  🙂