Making a Hernia Henry

The following pictures show what is involved in casting a Hernia Henry. It takes between 3 and 4 hours to do and then he is released from the mould about 3 days later.

Henry is the prize in our 2020 raffle – for details have a look here

Stage 1 – Prepare the mould.

That involves fitting the wooden frame that makes the concrete plinth that he sits on, painting the wood with release agent and ensuring the mould is level in both directions.


Stage 2 – Make and pour the mix

Henry uses soft Bath sand,  grit sand and white cement. It takes 8 buckets (2 gallons) to go from empty

Through this   to this   

I actually weighed each bucket – the wet mixture came to 152kg!

Stage 3 – Wait 3 days!

Stage 4 – Turning him out – the moment of truth!

Remove the wood from around the plinth and turn Henry the right way up!

What you can see is a fibre glass shell that gives the form that holds the silicone mould where the concrete is poured. So the next step is to remove this fibre glass shell




Stage 5 – Almost there

With the fibre glass shell removed, you can see the silicone mould that gives Henry his shape and detail.


Stage 6 – The big reveal

Now we find out is all the time trouble and care taken in the fitting of the plinth, the levelling of the mould, the making of the mixture and the use of the vibrating poker to get rid of air bubble has worked.

Oh yes – I have no complaints – this has come out perfectly well and ready for the winner of the raffle to be announced on October 31st.

If you haven’t got a ticket – they are available from here


Over the next couple of weeks as he dries out he will become white.