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Wiltshire Clumberfest Update!!
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Under the regulations release of May 17th we could run Clumberfest but needed local authority approval……..We have been in contact with Wilts council since the announcement this week and they have confirmed today that with only minimal changes to our normal format WE HAVE ‘local authority approval’ for our event 🙂
Don’t forget if you haven’t already you MUST register to attend this year, even if you are just popping in for an hour – follow the link below and fill in the form – 1 form per person.
Registration will close on 30th June as I need time to allocate cohort groups if they are needed.
I will be emailing the info packs out to all registered around the end of the month and if you have any questions just drop us an email
The countdown is on…..only a couple of weeks to go!!!