Clumberfest 2019 Auction

Here is the next Clumberfest auction item.
This is an original oil painting of Scarsdale Robin of Wintercleigh painted by WJ Slade in 1978.
The maximum dimensions are 22.5″ (570mm) wide by 27″ (690mm) tall.
This is a unique piece of artwork and is the only one in existence and I am very grateful to Glenis Barlow for donating it to the Clumberfest cause.
The frame needs a little TLC and I suspect with some careful (professional) cleaning the colours in the picture will regain their original vibrance.
Nevertheless a stunning picture and I think a starting bid of £50 is not unreasonable.
Please place your bids on the Clumberfest Facebook Page
The auction will close at 00.01 on the 8th July 2019.